Add More Licenses (If you already Own TATEMS Licenses)

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$197 For First Additional License

Add License(s) to Already Existing Licenses


1 Addtional License is $197

2 Additional Licenses are $297

3 Additional Licenses are $377

After 3 then its $50 Each Additional License (When Purchase at the Same Time)

1 Additional License & Extend Support and Version Upgrades for 1 Year $497

If your support and version upgrades have already expired you can add more licenses plus extend your support and version upgrades on all your existing licenses for 1 year by making a selection below.

$50 Each Additional License (When Purchase at the Same Time)

Questions? Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions

Do I Have To Already Own TATEMS To Buy From This Page?

Yes. You must already own at least 1 TATEMS License to add more licenses or renew plus add from this page.

Can I Just Add A License And Get The Newest Version Of TATEMS Even If I Have Expired?

No. If your support and version upgrades has expired then you will NOT be eligible for version upgrades and support by adding a license. You will ONLY be able to use the last version of TATEMS you were eligible for when your support and version upgrades expired on your existing licenses.

What If My Support And Version Upgrades Have Not Expired Yet?

If you are current on your support and version upgrades and have not expired yet, then we will extend your support for 1 year from the date of purchase if you had less than 1 year remaining.

What If I Want To Renew My Support And Version Upgrade And Also Add A License?

We have included an option to extend your support and version upgrades on your existing licenses plus add more licenses in the "For Expired Users" bundle above .

How Many Computers Can I Use TATEMS On?

Each license allows you run TATEMS on one computer unless you are running in a Terminal Services aka Remote Desktop Services Environment. In the case of a Terminal Services/RDS Environment you need one license per concurrent user.

How Do I Get A Registration Key After I Purchase?

After purchase, simply submit the serial number, computer name and version number that displays on the TATEMS Registration screen so that we can generate and send you your registration key(s), to permanently unlock your software on the computer(s) you installed it on.

What If I Need To Move TATEMS Or My Computer Crashes?

If you ever need to move TATEMS to a new computer, there is no extra charge. Just Let us know what happened and we will be able to generate a new registration number for you.

Is Your Payment Method Secure?

We use PayPal to offer the most secure credit card processing available on the internet. We do not store your credit card numbers on our servers.

Can I Pay With A Credit Over The Phone?

Yes. If you prefer to order over the phone please call 1-702-260-1541 Press Option 1