Struggling to Keep Up?

Are you struggling with pencil and paper as you try to keep track of all the maintenance requirements of your fleet?

Maybe you have tried to move to computerized record keeping by using multiple spreadsheets.

Do you need to keep track of the PM's and repairs, DOT or BIT type inspections, parts inventory, labor and parts costs of your fleet?


Do you need to be able to provide your maintenance records to the government authorities?

Maybe you're at a point where you could even be shut-down if inspectors don't like the way you keep your maintenance records.

Work Orders

You get the abiliy to create work orders that deduct parts from inventory and also tracks labor labot costs for detalailed cost tracking. You can also assign repair code categories so you can see what you are spending on each category of repair or maintenance.

Lube/Service (PM's)

You can create, track and get reminders for Lube/Services based on Miles/Kilometers, or Hours Meter, or Days intervals. Plus Reminders to let you know when they are coming due.

Fuel Log

You get a fuel log that lets you track by miles/km or by hours meter. Plus you can track and report on miles/km traveled and fuel purchased within States or Provinces.

DOT & CHP Bit Inspections

You Get Inspection check lists for your 90 Day (or user defined number of days) Truck And Trailer Maintenance and Safety Inspections. Plus reminders to let you know when they are comming due.

Parts Inventory

You get a basic and simple parts inventory that shows you what was installed where and when. It will also let you know when you are getting low on particular parts.


You get reminder popups that are printable for Lube/Services, 90 Day Inspections, Pending Work Orders, Permits/Inspections, Needed Repairs, Taxes and Registration, Parts Inventory, Drivers License Renewals and Driver Physicals.

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You can choose from over 86 Reports and 80 custom spreadsheets


Cost Per Mile/km / Hour Report

You get a cost per mile/km / hour report that shows you how much each piece of equipment is costing you based on your choice of various parts of the program like Work Orders, Fuel, Licenses etc..



Maintenance & Safety Inspection Report (12 month)

You get a 90 day (or you choose number of days) Maintenance and Safety report that is modeled after the CHP Bit Inspection form and is useful to show proof of any DOT type periodic inspections.


Fleet Maintenance Software Spreadsheets

Free Custom Spreadsheets That Link To Your Live TATEMS Data

You get over 80 custom spreadsheet reports that have been created for our clients. We create new when our clients request them and add them to the our spreadsheets page so you can download for FREE.


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